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All About Cocktail Dresses

2018-10-19 16:04:39 0 By: zarah victoria Times Read: 230

Don't you love cocktail dresses? I mean, one of the most versatile dresses that were ever designed for wear on special occasions is the cocktail dress.  Ok, so you might say, cocktail dresses are worn usually late in the afternoon, or early evening affairs that are too casual to be called black-tie events. However,  many cocktail dresses can now be worn elsewhere, depending on the cut and the material of the dress and the accessories worn with it. 

Formal Events

Ok, so for example, you wanted to wear a cocktail dress to a more formal event, all you need to do is to accessorize accordingly, Wear more flashy pieces of jewelry and heavier makeup.  If you need to wear something dressy to the office for any reason other than the usual skirt,  try  wearing a cocktail dress that is not too flashy and  throw on a blazer. Then,  slip into  black or blue heels. 

Are You Bottom-Heavy?

Are you a  a woman with a bottom-heavy figure? If you are, then you might want to hide the thickness around your hips and thighs.  A good cocktail dress for her to wear would be a dress that fits closely around the waist but without the seams, pushed out by extra padding around the abdomen and has a skirt that flares out around the hips and thighs.  A cocktail dress with a full skirt would be perfect for a woman with a bottom-heavy figure because it will definitely hide whatever  bulges she wishes  not to be seen in her lower body. Another option would be an empire-style waistline. This sort of pulls  the eyes towards the shoulders, the neck and the face.  It also skims over the lower body.  

Top Heavy Figure

If you are on the other hand a  woman with a top-heavy figure, you could then emphasize on your cleavage or  legs. To do this,  wear a cocktail dress with a solid-colored top. Then, pair it with a patterned skirt. 

If you want to attract attention to your ample cleavage rather than your legs,  cover up your legs in a long-skirted cocktail dress but reveal a little skin on your upper body using  a low V-neck. However, do not  wear a cocktail dress with an overly busy top because it will make your upper body appear larger and skew the balance off of your figure.

Wear the right accessories

Accessories also help to keep the illusion of balance on a woman’s figure aside from wearing the right kind of cocktail dress.  Bottom-heavy women can wear flashy earrings, necklaces or chokers, while top-heavy women can forego the necklace and opt for a bracelet instead. 

Cocktail dresses are versatile dresses that can be worn on any occasion that requires some degree of formality without being a full black-tie event.  Just  choose the right cocktail dress that could flatter your body type.

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