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Dressing Well With A Tight Budget

2017-07-02 16:13:06 0 By: Zarah Victoria Times Read: 521

Do you want to dress well like a celebrity but don't have deep pockets? Great, then here are some tips for you to take a quick look at:

1. First of all, know your own figure and your own style. Don't follow trends that don't suit you. 

2. Next, look at your closet and make a list of things you already have and you really want to keep. Then make a list of the things that you really want and what you want to have.

3. Buy the best quality of clothes and accessories that you can afford. 

4. For big items like suits, dresses, coats: buy classic styles. These will stand the test of time and not date as much as clothes bought from the latest trends. Whereas for small items like bags and accessories, buy the most trendy, fashionable ones so you look up to date and go for the brightest colors.

5. Swap small items like hats and bags with your best friends.  

Ladies, dressing well doesn't have to cost a fortune. If you take a little time and a bit of thought to plan for your need.  Lastly, treat buying your clothes as an investment.


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